We could all use a little room to breathe. 

Most of us don’t like conflict.  We’d rather just go about our lives -- do our jobs, take our breaks, and head on home to family and friends at the end of the day.  Relax.  Maybe even put our feet up.

That shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Unfortunately, it does not always work like that.  We get stuck.  A disagreement at work gets out of hand and spills into what you think about on the way home.  Someone who works for you complains about unfair treatment, claiming discrimination.  Two employees have a dispute that reminds you of a running soap opera - but now it’s cutting into productivity.  Your brother and sister haven’t spoken since that probate incident.  Your wife said ... or your husband didn’t ... or your regional manager ... or the entire department ... or your neighbor ....

It’s been gnawing at you for long enough. 

We could all use a little room to breathe. 

It’s time.


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